Please understand I’m not anti-heavy work-out.  If you enjoy that type of exercise and benefit from it, good for you. It concerns me that some people might feel that a less strenuous work-out isn’t as beneficial.

After his stroke, my husband endured many, many, hours of...

Today is my 55th wedding anniversary.  August 18, 1962 Earl and I married at St. Paul’s Methodist Church in Omaha, Nebraska at an evening ceremony.  Only a few friends and a couple cousins attended.

Earl left me last year on October 22, 2016.  He was in a lot of pa...

As a caregiver, you wear many hats.  Bookkeeper is one of them. Often becoming a caregiver happens without warning, so you have little or no time to prepare. 

If your spouse or parent did the bill paying, investing, car up-keep, house maintenance etc., you can easi...

My neighbor has an enormous garden. Really, it’s more of a mini farm. From that garden comes my favorite meal of the summer.

Recipe:  take freshly dug potatoes, wash, slice and do not peal. Take one garden onion wash and slice. Take one large skillet, add oil and a litt...

Since you and I are just getting acquainted, I feel it important for you to know that I believe in angels. I’m not telling you to believe, only that I do.

I believe God sends them to interact in our lives.  The proof to me, are the countless times one has appeared, unex...

Our story begins.

My husband’s final journey began in the fall of 2002. He was 63 years old when struck with an alarming TIA. The doctors didn’t think it serious until, an exam proved his carotid arteries were 95% clogged.

Blood tests showed his cholesterol to be fairly...

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